Currently we have approximately 30 active members and many social/honorary members in the department. A full list is included below…

Active officers:

Chief – Mark Lewandowski
Assistant Chief – Jeff Gdovin
Captain/Treasurer – Jeff Pajor
1st Lieutenant – Kevin Johnson
2nd Lieutenant – Bob Brown
3rd Lieutenant – Geoff Magisano


Firefighter/Vice President – John Nowik
Firefighter/Foreman – John Corvi
Firefighter/EMT/Commissioner – John Murphy
Firefighter/EMT – Pat Buckley
President – Sheri Messina
Firefighter/EMT – Shawn Dubois
Firefighter/Commissioner – Tom Powers
Fire Police/EMT- John McCormack
Firefighter – Collin Brown
Firefighter/EMT – Dave Bagioni
Firefighter – DJ Pavasaris
Firefighter – Hank Pasczuk
Firefighter – James Wall
Firefighter – Eric Becker
Firefighter/EMT – Shawn Dubois
Firefighter – Dave Andrade
Firefighter – Shawn Drain
Active Support – Amy Pajor
Honorary Member – Bobby Brown
Honorary Member – John Pajor
Support – Lee Roski