Santa’s Express – 2016

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Santa’s Express 2016

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Santa’s Express for 2015….

Thank you all who participated in Santa’s Express for the 2015 season!

Santa has completed all of his stops and is now resting at the North Pole for a week or so!!  Kensington Fire would like to thank everyone for their support this year, we made more stops this year than ever before!  We look forward to seeing all of you next year.


Merry Christmas!


From the Berlin Citizen….

Fire crews worked over the weekend to clear snow and ice from around hydrants in town, but much more work is needed, says Chief Mark Lewandowski of Kensington Fire Rescue.

The recent storm has buried hydrants and it’s likely some won’t be visible until spring, he said. In the meantime, fire departments, are asking the public to provide any assistance they can in identifying and clearing hydrants.

Lewandowski said despite the fire crews efforts many more hydrants are still under piles of snow..

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Firefighting Tradition…

The people who stand ready to trade their lives for ours are part of a tradition that goes back 400 years…

Check out a wonderful article at American Heritage Magazine.